Sunday, 11 October 2020




Our digital repeater EI7WCD which was relocated to Carrickphierish in Waterford city as part of the recent site upgrade is now up and running following the approval of the recently applied for frequency change. The change was necessary to allow both the analogue and digital repeater share the same site. 430.275 +9 MHz replaces the old frequency of 439.675 -9 MHz. EI7WCD is a multimode MMDVM repeater and is DMR, DStar, YSF and analogue enabled covering Waterford City, South Kilkenny and the Suir Valley areas.

(DVU-R22 - input 439.275 MHz, output 430.275 MHz, 103.5Hz tone on TX & RX for analogue operation)

The system consists of a Motorola MTR2000 repeater running at 25watts interfaced with an MMDVM using a Raspberry Pi computer. The antenna is an omnidirectional vertical (5dbd) fed with Andrews LDF4-50 cable at 15m.
More info on our digital repeaters can be found on the Digital Network page. 

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Monday, 31 August 2020

Major upgrade work was carried out to our 70cm repeater EI7WDR on 433.275 at Carrickphierish in Waterford city on Saturday August 29th. All equipment including antennas and cables were replaced. The Motorola MC Compact repeater which had been in service on the site since 2004 was replaced with a Motorola MTR2000 which has a higher power output than the previous unit. The antennas were replaced with two Diamond SE-50s and the feeder cable upgraded to Andrews Heliax LDF4-50. A Sinclair Q3220E duplexer replaced the old one which allowed the repeater use one antenna for TX and RX freeing up the second antenna for use with the EI7WCD digital repeater which was also installed on the site as part of the upgrade work. On site were Francis EI9KT, Gareth EI7FZB, Nicky EI3JB, Neil EI3JE and John EI8JA.

The work carried out should greatly improve the repeater's coverage and users should note that the EI7WDR repeater on 433.275 now requires a CTCSS tone of 103.5 to access it.

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New Installation

Installation Crew
Installation Crew (L to R Gareth EI7FZB, Neil EI3JE, John EI8JA, Nicky EI3JB & Francis EI9KT)

New Antennas






Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Our repeaters on Mt. Leinster are back on air today 26/11/2019. They had been off air since Saturday due to a power problem.

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