Digital Repeaters

EI7CDD Repeater, Co. Waterford

Callsign:   EI7CDD
DMR ID:   272002
Modes of Operation:   DMR, DStar, Fusion and Analog
Location:   Carronadavderg, Co. Waterford.
Locator:   IO62DA   
Output:  439.650MHz
Input:  430.650MHz
Shift:  -9.0MHz
Status: Operational
DMR dashboard: 

Callsign:   EI7WCD
DMR ID:   272007
Modes of Operation:   DMR, DStar, Fusion and Analog
Location:   Carrickphierish, Waterford City.
Locator:   IO62KG   
Output:  439.675MHz
Input:  430.675MHz
Shift:  -9.0MHz
Status: Operational
DMR dashboard:

Callsign:   EI7MLD
DMR ID:   272008
Modes of Operation:   DMR, DStar, Fusion and Analog
Location:   Mt. Leinster Co. Carlow.
Locator:   IO62OO   
Output:  430.300MHz
Input:  439.300MHz
Shift:  +9.0MHz
Status: Operational
DMR dashboard:


To use analog set TX and RX tone to 103.5Hz, this will filter out the digital noise when analog mode is used. (Digital modes will have priority over analog and there are no courtesy tones)

First of all you must register for a DMR ID number which must be programmed into your radio.

Probably the easiest option to get started is to obtain a codeplug for your particular transceiver. EI7IG has a sample codeplug for the Retevis RT8 which has all the required settings for the repeaters.

The codeplug along with other useful DMR information can be found here on EI7IG's page.
Don't forget to add your own DMR ID number to the codeplug.

Our repeaters are connected to the Brandmeister Network.

Ireland Talkgroups 
TG 2722 - Ireland Calling (TS 2) (Reflector 4780)
TG 2723 - Ireland Chat (TS 1)
TG 2724 - DMR to YSF Bridge (TS 1)
TG 27240 - Southern Ireland Analog Repeater Network (TS 1)

Time Slot Usage
Slot 1 for TG 9 local use and all other talk groups.
Slot 2 for TG9 for reflector use & TG 2722 IE Calling. 

TG 2722 is a a static talkgroup on  TS 2 which means if you monitor the channel allocated to TG 2722 - Ireland Calling on your radio you will automatically hear all traffic on that talkgroup.

D-Star: (EI7CDD only)
Radio settings for D-Star;
Set the frequency/shift etc.
Mode DV
On the test radio the following information is entered in the callsign menu;
MY (your own callsign goes here)

Fusion: When using a fusion radio you only need to set your callsign in the radio. Set the frequency/shift etc. and press the wires X button for a list of rooms.

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