Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Site visit to Mt. Leinster today to relocate the repeater equipment to the new building. The antennas which consist of two UHF four stack dipole arrays and two VHF folded dipoles and a broadband dish also had to be relocated as these were mounted on the old building which is due to be demolished soon. We were given a space on the small tower next to the new building and a lot of time was spent running the four feeders (two LDF550 runs for UHF and two LDF450 runs for VHF and a CAT 5 for broadband) and installing the antennas. On site were Neil EI3JE, John EI8JA, Billy EI7FJ and John EI2FG. We also had the assistance on the riggers on site which helped us to complete the task and have the equipment on air from the new location by the end of the day.

Equipment rack in it's new location

Antennas on the tower

Antennas side view

Friday, 7 June 2019

EI7HXR Repeater Harney's Cross

Repeater Installation
The EI7HXR 70cm repeater on 430.850 at Harney's Cross Co. Waterford has been returned to service following a change of location. It's still located in the Harney's Cross area but on a different mast. 

Coverage Prediction

The coverage should be the same if not better in most areas except Easterly towards Waterford city as the Knockanaffrin Ridge in the Comeraghs is now in the path in that direction. 
 We would appreciate signal reports which can be emailed to:

Monday, 6 May 2019

EI7MLR Mt. Leinster

Four Stack antenna in place
During the last few weeks users may have experienced crackling whilst using the Mt. Leinster 70cm repeater on 430.950 MHz. We suspect this was caused by an antenna problem so last Saturday (4/5/19) we visited the site and changed the antenna from a collinear to a four stack dipole array. The weather conditions on the day turned out to be ideal for the job which was completed in a short time and seems to have sorted the problem. 

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