Sunday 13 May 2018

EI2TTP APRS Digipeater

Some maintenance work was carried out on our APRS digipeater EI2TTP located at Templetown on the Hook Peninsula Co. Wexford on Saturday May 12th. The antenna hardware was replaced and the config files were updated.
Excellent weather on the day made the task on the antenna a little easier and special thanks to Francis EI5GOB for carrying out the work.
This digi is in operation since 2005 and covers South Wexford, Waterford Harbour and the low lying areas of the Waterford coast.

Site View showing Hook Head Lighthouse in the background

Friday 11 May 2018

EI2FHP-2 APRS Digi relocated to Helvick Head

Our APRS digipeater EI2FHP-2 which covers the West Waterford and East Cork areas has been relocated from the QTH of Francis EI5GOB to the nearby site of the 2m voice repeater EI2HHR at Helvick Head. This has been made possible following recent experiments by Neil EI3JE involving the modification of bandpass cavities to BpBr filters allowing both the repeater and APRS digi operate from the same site without interfering with each other . The APRS digi is now using a folded dipole antenna at 70 feet on the tower which is our standby antenna for the repeater. The relocation work was carried out today by Neil EI3JE and John EI8JA. The group wishes to thank Francis EI5GOB for hosting the APRS digi at his QTH since it was put on air in 2005.
The equipment rack at Helvick Head showing the APRS equipment in the centre and the filters on top