Monday 26 September 2016

The EI7MLR repeater (430.950MHz) has now changed over to tone access and requires 156.7Hz tone. The 4m port on Mt. Leinster (70.400mHz) is off air for maintenance and should be back on air soon.

Friday 23 September 2016

Dues to interference problems from a digital source it has become necessary to put tone access on the EI7MLR repeater (430.950MHz) on Mount Leinster. The change over shall be made in the next few days so if you are a regular user of the repeater you should program your radio to send a 156.7Hz tone.

Thursday 22 September 2016

IRLP node 5883 which had recently been having problems with outgoing audio has now been restored to normal operation. The problem was caused by a faulty computer soundcard.
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Friday 2 September 2016

A small fault has developed in the EI7FXR repeater which doesn't allow the TX of the CWID or courtesy tones, The repeater still functions as normal and the problem will be sorted in the next few weeks.