Southern Ireland Repeater Network 

Frequency & Access Information
Timeout time on all analogue repeaters is 4 minutes 

2m Repeaters:

Callsign:   EI2HHR
Location:    Helvick Head, Co. Waterford.
Locator:    IO62EB   
Output:   145.675MHz
Input:   145.075MHz
Shift:   -0.6MHz
Access:   Carrier
Status:   Operational
(Four Metre Access on 70.400 MHz, 103.5Hz tone)

Callsign:   EI2DBR
Location:    Devil’s Bit, Co. Tipperary.
Locator:    IO62BU
Output:   145.650MHz
Input:   145.050MHz
Shift:   -0.6MHz
Access:   103.5Hz
Status:   Operational 

Callsign:   EI2MLR
Location:    Listerlin, Co. Kilkenny.
Locator:    IO62LJ
Output:   145.700MHz
Input:   145.1000MHz
Shift:   -0.6MHz
Access:   103.5Hz
Status:   Operational

 70cm Repeaters:

Callsign:   EI7MLR
Location:    Mt. Leinster, Co. Carlow.
Locator:    IO62OO
Output:   430.950MHz
Input:   438.550MHz
Shift:   +7.6MHz
Access:  156.7Hz
Status:   Operational

Callsign:   EI7WDR
Location:    Carrickphierish, Waterford City.
Locator:    IO62KG
Output:   433.275MHz
Input:   434.875MHz
Shift:   +1.6MHz
Access:   103.5Hz
Status:   Operational

Callsign:   EI7FXR 
Location:    Farmers Cross, Cork City.
Locator:    IO51SU
Output:   430.900MHz
Input:   438.500MHz
Shift:   +7.6MHz
Access:   103.5Hz
Status:   Operational

Callsign:   EI7MHR
Location:    Mullaghanish, Co. Cork.
Locator:    IO51KX
Output:   430.875MHz
Input:   438.475MHz
Shift:   +7.6MHz
Access:   103.5Hz
Status:   Operational

Callsign:   EI7HXR (Tipperary Amateur Radio Group)
Location:    Harney's Cross, Co. Waterford.
Locator:    IO62EH
Output:   430.850MHz
Input:   438.450MHz
Shift:   +7.6MHz
Access:   103.5Hz
Status:   On Test




  1. I really am thankful for the repeater system

  2. After 15 years... am back on the bands. So much has changed, thanks to huge amounts of efforts of all guys who set this up, maintain it and share it with us all. Words of appreciation are just not enough. Will donate next month when I've got a few euros spare.
    Albert EI7II.

  3. It is a great system and the team that so fantastically maintain it cannot be praised enough.

  4. Fantastic system, well done to John EI8JA, Neil EI3JE and all involved in maintaining the system.