Monday 12 December 2016

The EI7BWR repeater 430.875MHz located on Bweeng Mountain in the Boggeragh Mountain range North Cork has been upgraded today with a more modern and reliable Motorola MTR2000 repeater. The power output has been increased to 30w and no changes have been made to the antennas.

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Monday 5 December 2016

A new 70cms repeater was installed yesterday Sunday December 4th at Harney's Cross near Clonmel. The new repeater is licenced and run by Tipperary Amateur Radio Group and is the seventh repeater to link to the Southern Ireland Repeater Network. On site for the installation were Garreth EI7FZB, Hugh EI2HI, Tommy EI2IT, John EI7IG, Neil EI3JE and John EI8JA.

Details are as follows: 

Callsign:     EI7HXR
Location:    Harney's Cross, Co. Waterford.
Locator:      IO62EH   
Output:       430.850MHz
Input:          438.450MHz
Shift:           +7.6MHz
Access:        103.5Hz
Power:         30Watts

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Thursday 1 December 2016

The 4m port on the Mt. Leinster repeater (70.400Mhz) was returned to service today after been off air for maintenance and upgrade. This unit allows users to uplink to the repeater network on 4m and is pictured here in it's new enclosure. It has an output of 10 watts into a folded dipole antenna.

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EI2DBR 145.650MHz at Devil's Bit which has been operating on a temporary antenna for the past week to pinpoint the source of recent interference is back to it's usual antenna. The temporary antenna which was lower on the tower and stood off in a Southerly direction would have optimised the coverge to the South and reduced coverage to the North as per the signal reports recently received so normal service should now be resumed.

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Friday 25 November 2016

Some more upgrades to EI2DBR 145.650MHz at Devil's Bit were carried out today Thursday 24th November.
New Motorola MTR 2000 was put into service and backup antenna was also installed. On site were Neil EI3JE and John EI8JA.

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Sunday 6 November 2016

Upgrade and renewal works carried out today Sunday 6th November on EI2HHR 145.675MHz at Helvick Head. New Motorola repeater installed, all antennas refurbished or replaced. Should be good for the next few years. On site and many thanks go to John EI8JA, Gareth EI7FZB (rigging), Nicky EI3JB, Liam EI8BLB, Neil EI3JE.

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Friday 28 October 2016

Installation crew of EI2HHR (EI2ECR at that time) Helvick Head on Sunday 10th August 2003.
Left to Right: Jerry EI6BT, Eoin EI7FXB, Neil EI3JE, Jim EI8GS, John EI8JA, Nicky EI3JB
(Photo courtesy of Neil EI3JE) 


Monday 26 September 2016

The EI7MLR repeater (430.950MHz) has now changed over to tone access and requires 156.7Hz tone. The 4m port on Mt. Leinster (70.400mHz) is off air for maintenance and should be back on air soon.

Friday 23 September 2016

Dues to interference problems from a digital source it has become necessary to put tone access on the EI7MLR repeater (430.950MHz) on Mount Leinster. The change over shall be made in the next few days so if you are a regular user of the repeater you should program your radio to send a 156.7Hz tone.

Thursday 22 September 2016

IRLP node 5883 which had recently been having problems with outgoing audio has now been restored to normal operation. The problem was caused by a faulty computer soundcard.
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Friday 2 September 2016

A small fault has developed in the EI7FXR repeater which doesn't allow the TX of the CWID or courtesy tones, The repeater still functions as normal and the problem will be sorted in the next few weeks.


Monday 22 August 2016

IRLP Node upgrade

Node with the much smaller Raspberry Pi computer

 IRLP node 5883 recently underwent an upgrade. This consisted of replacing the old Pentium PC with a much smaller Raspberry Pi. This not only makes the node set up much smaller in size but it also uses less power to run. The upgrade was carried out by Eoghan EI5HBB.

Monday 15 August 2016

Some adjustments have been made to Mt. Leinster repeater EI7MLR by Neil EI3JE, courtesy tones and CWID now functioning as normal. Repeater reinstalled on site Sunday August 14th by John EI8JA.

New repeater for Farmers Cross EI7FXR, Motorola MTR 2000 replaces the Motorola MC Compact that has been in service at the site for a number of years and has a power ouput of 30 watts to the antenna.
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Photos showing new MTR 2000 repeater and antenna tower.


Wednesday 3 August 2016

Work was recently carried out on the EI7MLR 70cm repeater and the EI2MLP APRS digipeater at Mount Leinster Co. Carlow. Antennas and feeders on both units were replaced and Motorola MTR 2000 70cms repeater was put into service. This new repeater has a higher power output than the old one so with the addition of a new antenna and feeder the coverage should be much improved. On site were Neil EI3JE, Liam EI8BLB, Nicky EI3JB and John EI8JA.
Big thanks to Ray EI6HFB and Dennis EI2HSB for their help.

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Motorola MTR-2000

Repeater & 4m Antennas

The EI2DBR 2m repeater on 145.650 at Devil's Bit Co. Tipperary was put back into service after under going some repairs and upgrades. The antenna and feeder were replaced and a higher powered radio was put into service. The work was carried out by Neil EI3JE and John EI8JA.

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