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Southern Ireland Repeater Group operate an Internet Gateway which allows licensed Amateur Radio stations with access to our repeater network communicate with each other over the internet using the voice over IP (VoIP) technology IRLP, Zello and Echolink.


Initially the gateway was IRLP enabled, it was one of the first nodes to connect to the IRLP system from Ireland. It was initially set up in 2004 by John EI8JA on a Pentium 133. It underwent a revamp in recent years and now runs on a Raspberry Pi.  

Our IRLP node number is 5883 and is accessible via on all repeaters on the network.
To connect to another node prefix the letter "A" before the node number you dial  and also when disconnecting. ("A73" to disconnect)

Read the IRLP  User Guidelines

View the current  Node Status

View the full  Nodes List


We originally added Zello to allow our repeater keepers monitor the network remotely. Access to Zello was restricted to a small group of our members but with the rise in popularity of network radio we began getting requests for access from other Radio Amateurs who spotted our presence on Zello. This saw a notable increase in activity on the network.  

It's very easy to get set up on Zello. If you have a smartphone or tablet download the app for free and then set up a Zello account. Search for the "Southern Ireland Repeater Network" channel, add it to your channels and call a moderator to grant you access. If none of our moderators are available send an email directly to sirnrepeaters at"

You can also scan the QR code that is shown on our Zello page...

The same moderator structure as used in network radio is in place just add as a friend and you will be trusted as a friend and have full access to our RF network.

This Zello gateway gives online access to RF amateur repeaters so transmit privileges are limited to licensed Radio Amateurs only though non licensed enthusiasts can be granted access for listening purposes only.

SIRN Zello Status



Our Echolink addition to the gateway has also improved activity on the repeater network and stations from other countries now call in through it on a regular basis.

Our Echolink node no. 225431 is accessible via on all repeaters on the network.

For more info on the Echolink network visit:

The Southern Ireland Repeater Group reserve the right to restrict or deny access to any of our VOIP systems

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