Saturday 27 November 2021

Friday 26 November 2021

There is currently a power outage at the data centre which houses the Ireland Brandmeister server to which our DMR repeaters are connected. At the moment we are uncertain when it will be back online. Updates will be posted here.

Friday 5 November 2021

DMR to Analogue Gateway

The DMR to Analogue Gateway on talk group 27240 which provides access to our analogue repeater network for DMR users which had been offline is now back up and running again. 

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Friday 30 July 2021

EI7CDD Digital Repeater Update

Our digital repeater EI7CDD which had been off air the past few days for maintenance and upgrading is now back on air. It is now running the current firmware and software versions. On site today were John EI7IG and John EI8JA. Special thanks to John EI7IG for upgrading the network configuration to PPPOE and to Airwave Internet for the broadband connection.

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Saturday 24 July 2021

EI7CDD Digital Repeater

Our digital repeater EI7CDD (439.650 Mhz) located at Carronadavderg in West Waterford is currently off air for maintenance and upgrading. We hope to have it back on air soon. Updates will be posted here.

Sunday 18 July 2021

Helvick Head 4 metre link tone access

The tone to access our 4 metre link into the analogue network at Helvick Head has been changed to 103.5Hz. This became necessary due to what we suspect is interference caused by sporadic E originating from OIRT FM broadcast in Russia.

Tuesday 22 June 2021

New 2m Repeater

Our third two metre repeater EI2MLR is currently on test from a temporary location near Tullogher in South Kilkenny. The frequency is 145.700 MHz -600KHz (Channel R4), the access tone is 103.5Hz. The set up is a Motorola MTR2000 radio into a collinear antenna at approx six metres with an output of 25 watts, the site height is approx 150m. It was planned to permanently locate this repeater on Mt. Leinster but unfortunately the problems at the site some years back that made the relocation of the original two metre repeater necessary still exist so it was decided to place it on test from South Kilkenny until an alternative site can be found. Reception reports can be emailed to sirnrepeaters at

Saturday 24 April 2021

Echolink Upgrades

 Our Echolink installation (node no. 225431) was recently moved to a more suitable location and updated to the latest software version issued recently. It is now co-located with our analogue to DMR gateway. This move and upgrade should ensure more reliable operation of the node.


Equipment Rack


Sunday 7 March 2021

Zello Gateway Update

 The Zello gateway is now back up and running with a new PC. Thanks to those that offered to assist us with getting it set up again.

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Saturday 6 March 2021

Zello Gateway Offline


Notice to our Zello users
Our Zello gateway is offline for the moment due to PC failure. We are working on it and hope to have it back in the next few days.

Saturday 16 January 2021

Suspected cause of some of the recent crackling on the repeater. The antenna for EI7MLD digital repeater at Mt. Leinster hit by falling ice during the recent thaw. Luckily it wasn't damaged and we were able to get it back upright. WX on the site was wet and windy but luckily enough all traces of the recent freeze were gone and we managed to get it sorted so the signal from the digital repeater is now back to normal. On site were Neil EI3JE and John EI8JA.